Saturday, December 1, 2007

First group run

Let me just say how incredibly lucky I am to be a student at Wellesley College. Not only have I met an amazing alum training, too, but the CWS (Center for Work and Service) is reimbursing me for my transportation expenses, and group training happens to take place, of all places in the Boston area-- Wellesley.

Today temperatures were slated to feel like 13* at 8 am. I, of course, was excessively layered from head to toe (I really wanted to wear long wool socks, too, but I managed to resist). I took the Zipcar parked right next to the Science Center to the Wellesley Community Center. I wasn't sure exactly where this was located, only that it's near where Rt. 9 and Rt. 16 intersect. I happened to find it right before I would have packed it and have gotten completely lost (Wellesley roads don't allow for easy U-turns). The morning started with a long yet energy filled training talk by Coach Rick, about running form, gadgets, goals, etc. I'm really impressed with his dedication to the Team and his experience (30 something marathons... wow!). One of the assistant coaches is a sports psychologist, which is exactly the field I need to work on... so I can make it through mile 17! Then Colin, the owner of Marathon Sports, came to talk to us about shoes and gear- and about how we shouldn't overdress. whoops.

Now, the run itself... 2 hours later, was a bit hilarious. 60 or so people jogging out of the WCC into the streets of Wellesley- SUVs beware! (before the run we got a toned-down lecture of Wellesley townspeople's behavior, which was quite amusing). I ran with a really great girl from Providence College... all the way through the Ville to the College, which is about 2 miles from the Community Center, right along the actual marathon course. Afterwards, I met two other girls who go to BU (Boston University), and to both of our surprise, she also used to be a rower. So perhaps this is where ex-rowers end up, training for the Boston Marathon, and staying a bit warmer running rather than sitting in a boat on the icy Charles River.

Until my next run...

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