Sunday, April 13, 2008

One week away!

Training has taken its turns since past January. For one thing, the spring semester is in full swing, which means I've gotten caught up with my schoolwork and must admit I haven't been consistent in updating this blog. But, to cut to the chase, the marathon is a week away! Wow! Thank you all for your support!

I've been tapering, and yesterday was an 8 mile run with the team. I've been having some problems with my left hip and foot for the past few days, so I seriously hope that won't hurt too badly during the marathon, although I have been lying low during training, and have done biking for a few of my longer runs (I've also gotten to see a few tennis matches, while I've been at it).

I'm trying to plan ahead for the big day, and I went out last weekend to buy running gear for the big day, which means I'll be wearing bright orange shorts on Marathon Monday, along with my purple Team in Training jersey-- I'll be quite, um, bright, if anything!

Thank you so much, everyone, for your support! I plan to post once more before the big day, and then of course afterwards, with my experiences. Until then...

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